Introducing Steve Hole Architects


Living and working in Pembrokeshire, Welsh born Steve Hole has been in architectural practice in Narberth since 1981.

As well as prestigious and ground breaking work involving restorations, grand designs and contemporary homes, he was also commissioned to bring life back to the Old Bonded Stores in his hometown, that heralded a new Museum in Narberth.

The restoration project to support the foundation of the museum, voted in 2013 as ‘one of the 10 best Museums in the country’, was widely praised by judges.

The Bond’ as it is affectionately known locally, is a rare example of nineteenth century industrial architecture in the town. The test was to find a way of inviting people in, without losing the solid character of the original building. The skeleton of the robust industrial structure remained the prominent feature in the finished building. All the new work was unashamedly modern.

The result has been described as ‘breathtaking’.

Local editor of the town’s web platform described his experience on being shown round prior to the official launch;

‘The light from the staircase which filters people to the exhibition area on the first floor appears divinely simple in design and purpose. The way in which the construction takes people upwards to experience the town’s history is elevating in very sense. Being walked through the building for the first time and pausing at these stairs, honestly felt like a moment of epiphany..’.

You can utilise our platform to investigate some recent projects. Our ‘Wonderwall’ is documentation of some of the plans and finished project designs that have become a part of the Pembrokeshire landscape over the last 33 years.

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